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Despite the undeniable criminality of the pirates, their wanderlust, independence and rebelliousness have combined to create a fabled period, encapsulated in the past through literature – both fact and fiction – and film. Their look has been emulated by popular performers, defining the style of Adam Ant in the 1970s and the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards long before he portrayed a pirate on-screen. And while piracy remains a real concern in the 21st century, there is no doubt that the buccaneer will forever fascinate lovers of adventure.

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Silver Pirate Rolllerball Silver Pirate Rolllerball

Our Price: $4,965.00
Silver Pirate Fountain Pen Silver Pirate Fountain Pen

Our Price: $5,770.00
Gold Pirate Fountain Pen Gold Pirate Fountain Pen

Our Price: $65,700.00
Gold Pirate Rollerball Gold Pirate Rollerball

Our Price: $69,350.00