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Cross Peerless Obsidian Black Ballpoint Cross Peerless Obsidian Black Rollerball Cross Peerless Medalist Ballpoint
Cross Peerless 23kt Gold Plate Ball Pen Cross Peerless Medalist Rollerball Peerless Special-Edition New York Ballpoint Pen
Peerless Special-Edition London Ballpoint Pen Peerless Special-Edition Tokyo Ballpoint Pen Peerless Fonderie 47 Collection
Cross Peerless 23kt Gold Plate Rollerball Cross Peerless Obsidian Black Fountain Pen Cross Peerless Medalist Fountain Pen
Cross Peerless 23KT Gold Plate Fountain Pen Peerless Special-Edition New York Fountain Pen Peerless Special-Edition London Fountain Pen
Peerless Special-Edition Tokyo Fountain Pen
This new collection is the culmination of the Cross brand's rich history of innovation and unparalleled accomplishments. Designed to celebrate our Heritage, its finest writing instrument that we have ever brought to market. Peerless 125 celebrates two great ;andmark moments in the brands history - The 1889 debut of the original Peerless Pen amd the introduction of the iconic Century line in 1935. Fusing elements of these two classic designs together, weve created a collection that embodies the simple beautiful design language and attention to detail that has made the Cross brand legendary.