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The name ‘Orient Express’ conjures magic and myth from a time when sophisticated travelers heeded the siren’s call of exotic lands. It awakens visions of a glamorous train designed for lavish living. It unites a longing for adventure, for distant and mysterious lands, with total immersion in a world of lavish luxury. It all began with Georges Nagelmackers, a visionary who dreamed of traveling comfortably and unimpeded overland from Paris to Constantinople. His dream finally became reality on October 4, 1883. On that day, an elegant crowd thronged the Gare de l’Est in Paris to celebrate with great fanfare the maiden run of one of the most luxurious trains ever created. The myth of the Orient Express had begun. The aesthetics of the Montblanc High Artistry Orient Express Limited Edition 1 are in keeping with the fabled splendor of the luxury train connecting the West and Asia. Made from solid Au 750 signature gold, this bejeweled writing instrument brings to life the celebrated interior marquetry decorations by René Prou, with diamonds set in a floral, Art Deco-inspired pattern encompassing the cap and barrel. Expressing the romance of the more than 3,000-kilometer journey that Orient Express passengers enjoyed in costly luxury, the historical routes from 1930 are traced in diamonds, rubies and blue sapphires on the solid Au 750 signature gold forepart. Inspiration for the diamond-studded grid decorating the solid Au 750 signature gold cap top can be traced back to the ironwork of the roof of the Gare de Lyon in Paris, where passengers often boarded the Orient Express. Crowning this airy and elegant cap top design is a splendid blue sapphire. The handcrafted, solid Au 750 gold nib bears a nostalgic engraving of a steam engine set with a brilliant-cut diamond. Delights and discoveries were the hallmark of the Orient Express experience, and the same holds true with this edition. From the intricate snap mechanism that opens the cap at the press of a button – a tribute to the elegant machinery at work in the engine – to the bespoke case with its sophisticated mechanical features, every detail speaks to the pleasure that can be found in fine craftsmanship. The wooden traveler case, especially designed to hold and protect the writing instrument, is inlaid with handcrafted ornamental wood marquetry in the style of the original Orient Express paneling and cabinetry designed by René Prou. Its functioning mechanical watch, equipped with the Minerva 62.00 movement, and a inkwell celebrate the importance of timekeeping on historic rail journeys in addition to representing the luxury of travel and the convenience of having everything at hand on the journey. With signature gold and/or signature gold-coating, Montblanc evokes the enlightened shade of yellow gold which has become an appreciated tone for the Maison’s writing instruments.