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Visconti pays tribute to Salvador Dali with the launch of the Surrealist Collection integrating some of Dali's most iconic symbols and prevailing colors. Dali's originality and unique character were accompanied by an admiration for tradition and a will for continuity. For example Dali consistently added his melting pocket watch imagery to many of his works; for this reason Visconti has integrated the melting watch onto the Visconti clip. Dali's signature is engraved on the pen ring and also printed in gold onto the pen box. This special edition maintains in full the charm of Dali's surreal creativity. It is made of plant resin and is available in brown or green with gold trim and blue with silver trim blue, the colors of the great master's sculptures. Visconti has meticulously recreated the "Dance of Time I" melting watch in lacquered silver micro-fusion on the Visconti iconic bridge clip. Dali's time is perpetual, it moves forward in a dance without ever stopping either for man or for history, indeed not even for the cosmos. The signature of the artist is delicately engraved on the pen's ring, "Dali style".